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Attention all BITD UTV racers! BITD needs more vehicles for the parade at the Laughlin race. The parade is on Wednesday, staging is at 3:15 and the parade starts at 4pm Please call BITD and let them know that you will be in the parade. This is a great opportunity to get exposure for your team and your sponsors. We are again the largest class at this race lets show the public how great our class is. Thank you for your support Sincerely Cory S

The new 2016 Best in the Desert UTV rule book is posted 11-10-15

The new 2016 Best in the Desert UTV rule book is now posted

2016 Best in the Desert UTV rule updates

As of 1-1-2016 All UTVs racing in the Best in the Desert series will be allowed to use up to a 32" tall tire. The tire must have a factory marking on the side of the tire with the size and it must say 32".
As of 1-1-16 All UTVs racing in the Best in the Desert series must have front and rear bumpers that stick out past the front and rear tires by 2"
The final rule book for 2016 will be posted the week after the Best in the Desert Bluewater Desert Challenge race.

Best in the Desert UTV Rulebook

A error was made when the updated rulebook was posted on 7-28-15. The error has been corrected. The error was with the "engine update" The engine update rule will not be in effect till 1-1-16. The BITD UTV rulebook has been updated and is effective as of 8-1-15. All racers planning to race a "pro production turbocharged" UTV please read the rulebook very carefully. All rules will be enforced with no exceptions.

Update on Factory Turbo UTV racing in BITD and SCORE

Starting with the SCORE Baja 500 in June all factory turbo UTV's will be required to race with ECM's that will be issued at tech inspection. These ECM's will be installed at tech and sealed. The ECM must be removed by a race official at the end of the race. These ECM's will be marked with the UTV race number and will stay with the race series. All factory turbo race UTV's must contact Cory Sappington 602-769-6164 prior to racing to schedule a meeting to have the ECM installed and matched to their UTV. Please contact Cory asap If you are racing a factory Turbo UTV in BITD or SCORE.

BITD Unlimited UTV class rule update

Any UTV that is legal to race in the Pro Production class will not be allowed to race in the Unlimited UTV class. This rule is effective as of May 1 2015

BITD UTV Tech fees

The UTV tech fee at BITD is $30.00. ($5 of the $30 goes towards an award called "the every mile award") The question has been raised why UTV's pay a tech fee at BITD races. Back in 2005 when I (Cory Sappington) created the BITD UTV class, Casey Folks (owner of BITD) asked me if I would; write the rules, manage the class and tech the UTV's, I agreeded. He in return promised to charge the UTV's the same amount for entree fees as the pro motorcycles and allow me to charge a tech fee to cover my costs, time to tech and manage the class.

2015 BITD UTV rule book

The 2015 BITD rule book has been updated and is posted in the "Rulebooks" section. All BITD racers please download, print and read. Call Cory S with any questions Thank you Cory S

2104 BITD Mint 400 info

The UTV/DSR1 classes will race 3 laps at the 2014 Mint 400. Teams planning to race please send Cory S an email with a pic of your UTV/DSR1 and your race number asap. UTVRA@hotmail.com

Best In The Desert UTV/DSR1 2014 rulebook

There are a few changes for 2014. Siren style horns are now required. Front and rear bumpers are recommended to extend pass the tires. Daytime front running light is recommended. Please read and review the rule book.

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