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Want to race your UTV?

Desert Toyz Motorsports builds race winning UTVs. Over the past 8 years Desert Toyz has built many racing UTVs. Desert Toyz is owned by Cory Sappington and is located in Peoria AZ. Basic turn key racing UTVs start at $15000.00 (you provide the UTV). Don't have a UTV yet, DTZ can get you a new UTV at a discount. Desert Toyz Motorsports can build all or part of your UTV and use only the best race proven parts. All full race builds come with one season race pit support, when you have DTZ build your race UTV you become a member of the DTZ race team.

Polaris XP 1000 race build information

If you are building a Polaris XP 1000, here is some information you will need. The part of the frame you must keep is the 2 main inner 1.75" round tubes that run front to rear. The 2 inner frame bungs that connect the front frame section to the rear frame section. These bungs can be welded and reinforced but they can not be removed. The rear formed plate that the 4 link arms and rear engine mount, bolt to. The entire plate must be kept. This plate can be reinforced. This is the minimum parts of the stock frame that must be kept. The rest of the frame can be kept but is not required.

Best In The Desert Spec Blue Strobe Light

Best In The Desert UTV and DSR1 class race vehicles are required to have a spec blue strobe light, this light must be purchased from Jim Conner Racing 928-855-0912 All other safety lights are still required. The UTV and DSR1 class race vehicles must have 4 safety lights, the spec blue strobe light, a flashing amber LED light, a soild amber led light, and a solid blue led light. all 4 of these light must be mounted as close to the top of the roll cage as possible.

2013 Best In The Desert UTV/DSR1 rule book is posted.

Please read this rule book if you are racing Best In The Desert UTV/DSR1 classes. There are a few changes.

Ford Motor Company offers contingency for BITD UTV classes at 2012 Vegas to Reno

Best In The Desert Racing Association announces Ford Motor Company has added F150 EcoBoost Performance Awards (aka: Contingency) for Motorcycle, Quad and UTV winners for 2012 General Tire “Vegas to Reno”

Las Vegas, NV ~ Best In The Desert Racing Association is proud to announce that Ford Motor Company, the “Official Truck” of Best In The Desert, will be extending the opportunity to win F-150 EcoBoost Performance Awards to Motorcycle, Quad and UTV class winners of the 2012 General Tire “Vegas to Reno” “The Longest Off-Road Race in the United States.”

2012 Best In The Desert UTV- DSR1 rule book

The 2012 Best In The Desert UTV-DSR1 rule book has been posted in the "Rulebooks" section. BITD will post it on their site soon. Please review the rules there are a few changes for 2012.

DSR1 max wheel base has been changed

The max wheel base for DSR1 class has been changed to 107.5". The frame can be cut and streached. Please call me before building or streching your DSR1 Cory S 602-769-6164

2012 UTV Racing Association membership fees

The UTV Racing Association membership fees for 2012 will be $25.00 per vehicle, per race. Membership fees will be collected at each race and decals will be issued. Membership is required to race at the Best In The Desert series races in the Pro UTV, Pro DSR1 and Sportsman UTV/DSR1 classes. The UTVRA created and manages the UTV/DSR1 classes for Best In The Desert.

Cory goes Can-Am !

Cory goes Can-Am !

October 31 2010
Yes it’s true, after 5 years of racing the same UTV, Cory is going Commander! 1000cc that is, look out! This machine hauls mail and butt! Cory Sappington test drove the new Commander 1000XT on 10/27 in the desert around Peoria AZ. After the test drive, Sappington said “I would be crazy not to switch, the Can-Am Commander is the best UTV ever built. This machine takes UTVs to the next level”.

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