Attention all BITD UTV racers

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UTV-20 CHASSIS (FRAME), BODY AND ROOF: Pro Turbo Production and Pro Production classes UTVs must utilize the stock chassis (frame) and maintain stock appearance. The stock chassis (frame) is defined as, the main lower rails running along the inner sides of the UTV and the front and rear tubes that connect them. Please contact the UTVRA for a better description. Any modifications or repairs to the stock chassis (frame) must be pre-approved by the Best in the Desert tech inspector. The stock chassis (frame) may be added to, for durability and strength, but must retain the stock width, length, and configuration. The stock UTV cage may not be used because no bolt on connections are allowed. All joints must be welded and attached to frame securely. The Pro Turbo production and Pro Production classes must use the hood, grill, front and rear fenders.

All pro production and pro production turbo class UTV's must have rear fenders. It has be brought to my attention that some UTV's currently racing may not have rear fenders. Please read this rule and follow it. We will be checking all Pro production and Pro production Turbo UTVs for rear fenders the the V to R race.

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