BITD Production Turbo UTV class maintenance requirements.

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All BITD Production Turbo race teams must contact Cory Sappington 602-769-6164 before breaking any seals on their engine. No internal maintenance can be performed before calling Cory. The maintenance procedure is step 1 call Cory to request engine seal kit, step 2 receive engine seal kit and call Cory with an Iphone, be prepared to use facetime, Step 3 perform maintenance while using facetime so that Cory can watch the maintenance being done. Step 4 seal engine while Cory is watching. Another option for maintenance, is to perform the maintenance the day after the race. You must schedule this before coming to the race. If any of the seals on a sealed engine are broken or removed prior to calling Cory, that engine is no longer eligible for use in the BITD Production Turbo class. WHEN PURCHASING A NEW ENGINE YOU MUST HAVE THE ENGINE SHIPPED TO CORY SAPPINGTON DIRECTLY FROM THE PLACE YOU PURCHASE THE ENGINE FROM. CORY WILL THEN SEAL THE ENGINE AND SHIP THE ENGINE TO YOU. ANY QUESTIONS CALL CORY.

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