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In July of 2005 Cory Sappington of Desert Toyz Motorsports in Peoria, Arizona decided to take the Yamaha Rhino he purchased for his wife and turn it into a desert racing UTV. With a crew of 5, in 4 days the first ever race Rhino was built. Elka Shocks, Maxxis Bighorn tires, OMF wheels, K/N air filter and of course all the safety stuff were added to make the Rhino race ready. Cory contacted Casey Folks at Best in the Desert, Americas #1 desert racing series, and requested permission to race in the Vegas to Reno race. The longest offroad race in America. Casey allowed Cory to race in the Sportsman Safari class and History was made! 210 miles with an average speed of 30 mph the little racing Rhino was cheered on by all the racers and spectators.

After the Vegas to Reno race both Cory and Casey recieved many calls from people wanting to race their UTV's. Cory put together a set of rules and the BITD 1900 UTV class was born. Cory established the UTV Racing Association soon after that year to provide UTV racing information, rules etc... to racers and promoters. The UTVRA is for the extreme racing enthusiasts out there looking to try something new and experience the joy of research, testing, and competitive racing using the ever popular Utility Terrain Vehicles on the market today.

The UTV Racing Association is now providing rules, tech inspection, class development, build culsulting for the top desert and short course UTV racing series. We look forward to sharing a part of history in the making with you as fellow racers and enthusiasts!

Today Eric Cowan, an experienced ATV/offroad enthusiast is serving as Assistant Manager/Tech inspector. Cory Sappington is the UTVRA director and the UTV class rep for BITD, LUCAS OIL, ASCC, and SCORE racing series. Being a participant himself, Cory can answer any technical, building or racing questions. We also have many other supporting companies and friends coming together to develop a safe and fun experience for all!

"Anyone who has never made a
mistake has never tried anything new."

- Albert Einstein

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